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Don't look at me that way!: Understanding User Attitudes Towards Data Glasses Usage.


It is not a new observation that freshly introduced technologies often trigger objections. A well-known example is the introduction of the Walkman more than three decades ago, which even coined the term Walkman effect. However, the rise of Google Glass was remarkable in the history of technology adoption, as no novel technology has been so rapidly introduced, so controversially discussed, and so quickly withdrawn.
In order to find out, which factors contributed to this negative public perception of dataglasses - particularly Google Glass, we investigated user attitudes towards data glasses in a user study which was published at MobileHCI 2015 and entitled "Don't look at me that way!: Understanding User Attitudes Towards Data Glasses Usage". The paper contains a detailed discussion of the study's results and an in-depth description of the questionnaire and methodology, which will enable other researchers to reproduce the study at different times or places. It is is available as preprint and from the ACM Digital Library.

But why do we need to attend to this topic?

Up to now we have seen a lot of technology-driven advances that based their success on a “wow” effect. In the future – “wow” will not be enough anymore, and we will need to focus on human factors and societal issues. In our opinion it is a chance to learn how user attitudes towards novel devices arise and develop. We then might be able to anticipate technology adoption already during the design process. Our findings are congruent with what an expert’s eye might intuitively conclude from observation. Though, the motivation of our study is the need for the provision of hard numbers and facts, allowing quantitative arguments, instead of predictions from qualitative feelings. The novelty of data glasses themselves might currently have a significant effect on the results. However, we expect a shift in the future, comparable to mobile phones, whose perception also changed over time.


Marion Koelle, Matthias Kranz, and Andreas Möller. "Don't look at me that way!: Understanding User Attitudes Towards Data Glasses Usage" Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI'15). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 362-372

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